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Parties & Other Events

  • PROVOCATEUR Fetish Social
    Saturday, May 14
    Ultra Lounge

    Fetish factory's Alter Ego Events offers the community 21 years of world class fetish events. Fetish Factory events are highly organized and fully dedicated to the attendee with a real company managing all aspects and details for each event.
    We invite you to a fetish party where you will be able to explore your fantasies in a safe, worry free environment and everybody is equally extraordinary
  • Upcoming XFP Live

    Looking for more? You've found it. Xtreme Fetish Party (referred to as XFP) is our most intense party. Not for the faint of heart. These events are Members only & a secret until you sign up for our XFP Community. Its free to join, all you'll need is some kinky pics.
  • October 22th 2016
    Location TBA

    The End All, Be All of Fetish Halloween events. You'll find all of your nightmares and fantasies coming to life at the same time. Heed our call in the night, and join us this Halloween. This party has drawn 2000+ kinksters in years past and is sure to grow. Sexy costumes OK.
  • Memorial Day Weekend
    May 26nd-29th, 2016
    Fort Lauderdale, FL

    The largest, most elaborate Fetish Event in North America. 4 Days, 8 Parties, 100% Fetish Hotel Takeover.Thousands of Kinksters descend upon Fort Lauderdale for a 24/7- 4 Day long Fetish Party. Join us for Parties, Special Events & Performances